Apple Announces ‘Apple Card’ Credit Card With Daily Rewards, Simplified Statements, and No Fees

Apple today revealed a brand new service called “Apple Card,” which was designed for the iPhone. In the Wallet app, Apple now shows the amount of money you’ve spent on Apple Card, when payments are due, and more. Apple partnered with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard for Apple Card

Apple Card
Other features include simple sign-ups on iPhone, iMessage help, easily recognizable transactions, organized purchases, and more. Apple Card will even show your spending by week or by month, so you can adjust spending whenever you need to.

Apple Card also supports rewards, so every time you spend with Apple Card you will get cash back every day. This is called Daily Cash, which is subsequently added to your Apple Cash card, which can be used anywhere Apple Pay is used. You’ll get 2 percent of the purchase amount spent using Apple Card, and 3 percent Daily Cash on purchases directly from Apple.

Goldman Sachs
For places where Apple Pay isn’t accepted, Apple has designed a physical version of the Apple Card as well. The card is made out of titanium, has no card number, no CVV, no expiration date, and requires no signature.

Apple Card launches in the United States this summer.

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