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Buffalo Chicken Burger – use ground chicken to make great burgers that give you all the flavors of your favorite buffalo chicken wings! No bones about it, this is one great dinner.

As soon as the weather gets warmer, I am all about grilling everything! It can be just plain grilled chicken or even just hot dogs or a quick dinner. Not having to heat up the house is necessary all summer long. 

Making fun burgers like this Breakfast 2AM burger make dinner time exciting. You can take whatever your favorite flavors are and turn it into a burger.

Do you love pizza? Then make this Pepperoni Pizza Burger. Seriously, you can mix it up a million different ways to whatever kind of meal you want.

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I have been making ground chicken burgers for years. I used to have to grind my own chicken using my food processor, because ground chicken wasn’t available in most grocery stores.

But now, I can just pick up a pound of ground chicken and just add whatever spices and seasonings that I want. I am kind of a huge buffalo chicken fan, so making a chicken burger with those flavors was something I have been meaning to try. 

This buffalo chicken burger recipe is super easy to make. You can form the hamburger patties ahead of time and just have them ready and waiting when you are ready to figure up the grill.

I like to make the patties the night before when I am cooking dinner, so the night I cook them all I have to do is spend the 15 minutes on the grill and that is it. 

Buffalo Chicken Burger Picture

Chicken Burger Tips

  • Grate onion into the meat. Trust me, even if you don’t like onions, you won’t taste them. You just need to make sure your meat stays nice and juicy!

  • Chicken is easy to over cook, so the onions will help make sure that even if it is cooked a little longer than you want, it will still taste great!

  • Use breadcrumbs. I never use breadcrumbs when making a ground beef hamburger. But ground chicken is different. The breadcrumbs will help it stay together and not fall apart when cooking. 

  • Do not use eggs. I see a lot of burgers that call for an egg in the recipe. But with ground chicken that just makes thing too wet and gives it the wrong texture. So skip it!

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Burgers

All of the ingredients come together in a large bowl. I like to use my hands to mix everything together to make sure it is evenly mixed and not over worked. You don’t want your burgers to be tough.

When cooking chicken you need to make sure it is cooked all the way through, with chicken burgers that is about 6 minutes per side. Then you top with cheese and let it get all melty and delicious!

What is always served with buffalo chicken? Ranch or blue cheese dressing, right?

Buffalo Chicken Burger Image

To bring it all together we are topping these chicken burgers with a ranch coleslaw that will cool things down and give it that added texture that you want in a burger.

So when you are planning your week make sure to added these burgers to your menu! They will be a hit at all of your summer or even game day parties.

Buffalo chicken anything always gets people’s attention!

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