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Soft, fluffy marshmallows packed full of chocolaty flavor. These chocolate marshmallows are perfect for topping your hot chocolate, decorating your desserts, or making double chocolate s’mores!

I have confession, I was never a huge fan of marshmallows.

I didn’t understand people who would just eat them plain. I know people who eat them by the handful and I am in awe. I just can’t.

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If they are toasted, that is a whole other story, but I am that person who need to go back and re-toast the marshmallow after every bite.

Flavored marshmallows, especially the homemade ones, are a whole other story. They’re fun and bring so much more to the table flavor-wise.

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These chocolate marshmallows are no exception to the rule.

I am crazy in love with these chocolate marshmallows. They taste legitimately like brownie batter and the added texture from the mini marshmallows in every bite is just so good.

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All the heart eye emojis.

You don’t even need to roast them, but you can totally try because a double chocolate – or even triple chocolate – s’mores is the best thing to ever happen to bonfires since ghost stories.

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Making chocolate marshmallows is pretty easy to do at home. The hardest part is cooking the sugar and corn syrup.

I highly recommend using a candy thermometer for the most accuracy and the best consistency of your chocolate marshmallows, but I’ve made these several times and the amount of time you boil is roughly the same each time.

File 1 - Chocolate Marshmallows

But if making homemade marshmallows is your thing, then definitely look into a candy thermometer because you would probably also enjoy making other candies like salt water taffy.

File 2 - Chocolate Marshmallows

Chocolate marshmallows keep for a very long time if stored correctly. If you keep them in an airtight container, they should last for months. And if they do get a little stale, they are still good in hot chocolate and roasted over a fire!

File 3 - Chocolate Marshmallows
File 4 - Chocolate Marshmallows

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