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Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables Recipe

Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables will be a delicious way to get dinner on your table quick. Who doesn’t like a one- pan clean up?

I love to frequent the farmer’s market in the summer. This dinner uses lots of New Jersey produce and I like being able to support my local farmers.

Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables Photo

It’s a delicious, colorful dinner that will come together quickly. It’s also healthy, so I make it often.

And while I used summer veggies in this recipe, there is no reason why you still can’t make this any time of year.

The vegetables in can be changed up depending on what is available. In the fall and winter, I cannot always find fresh corn on the cob.

Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables Picture

But that is really not an issue, as I can use carrots instead. Winter squashes like butternut or delicata squash can be used in place of zucchini or summer squash.

You could actually use any vegetables you like as long as you adjust roasting time accordingly.

I am a big fan of sheet pan meals because I dislike washing pots and pans. They are especially great to make in the summer.

Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables Image

It is much nicer to be outside sipping a cocktail like a strawberry mojito or glass of sangria rather than being inside cleaning pots and pans.

I always line my baking sheets with a pre-cut piece of parchment paper. This makes clean up even easier!

If you make Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables for dinner, you’ll want to also serve a nice summer fruit dessert like peach raspberry galette.

Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables Pic

If you don’t have any extra time for baking, some store-bought ice cream or a bakery dessert works too.

This recipe can be doubled and made on two sheet pans to feed a crowd. I love the leftovers and will frequently use the roasted vegetables in salads or omelets the next day.

File 1 - Sheet Pan Roasted Shrimp and Summer Vegetables

Not only is this dinner healthy, it’s also gluten free. It’s perfect for people that have gluten allergies but also perfect for you if you don’t want to clean up more than one pan!

Are you tired of the dinner routine?

Stuck in a rut or looking for fun new recipes to try?

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